Wednesday, February 16, 2005

tigerbeer horoscope pour moi

You are an exciting person to know. Your approach to life is intense but controlled. You will also reveal your deepest secrets more easily than most of your sign, especially if you can shock folks and shake up the status quo. Unlike most people, you welcome sudden changes and thrive when forced to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

You need a career that involves originality. Scientific research would suit you well, provided you are able to work independently. You'd also make a good character actor, taking on small but memorable parts that get you noticed widely. You might also do well in advertising, devising clever campaigns that have never been seen before. Ultimately, you need a job that allows you to put an unusual spin on your duties. Performing predictable routine work will only dull your enthusiastic spirit.

You prefer having a few intimate friends to understand your peculiarities. 'Taureans, Cancerians, Scorpios, and Pisceans probably receive the lion's share of your affection. In love, you need a partner who is calm, cool, and collected. Anyone who can soothe your restless spirits would make you a fantastic mate.

Your greatest challenge is to slow down. You have so many ideas that it's hard for you to rest. At some point, you may have to shelve some of your plans in favor of contentment. Your biggest strength is your originality. There is little threat of you going along with the popular view. You're capable of thinking for yourself and will never fall victim to manipulation.

Quite often, you will retreat to your own private world where friends and family can't reach you. Your reclusive ways help you to regenerate your spirits. An unusual person like you tires easily from mixing with large groups of people. Therefore, you often go off on your own, simply as a means to reconnect with your unique spiritual essence. The people closest to your heart understand this need and will back off when you say the word.

interesting eh?

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