Saturday, June 18, 2005

weekend rant

Ask any guy what makes him fell for a particular girl, and you can almost guarantee
that the answer is "she has a good personality" or, "she has
the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen" or "she's got the hottest
body in the world" or something like that.

Let me tell you something. For me, it's more personal --more "detailed"
if you will-- than that.

I dont think that we could understand other people's personality that quickly.
We could spend an entire lifetime without knowing who we really are, let alone
who others are.

Beauty and good looks can capture the eyes, but not the heart.

For me, it's the little things that matter. It may be how she answered certain
questions, the way she tells a story. How she handle certain situations, or
the way she lay her eyes on me. But the thing that grabbed my heart usually,
is how she make me feel when she's around, or even when we talk over the telephone, or chat over the internet to be more contemporary :D. And yes, I know how selfish it sounds. :)

It's how she makes me feel to have a purpose waking up each day. How she makes
me feel I can do certain things I didnt know I could do (or things I didnt even
care doing before), without her even have to ask.

Anyway, just a weekend rant.. heheh.. have a good weekend everyone.

batman begins tonight! yay!

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kandi said...

this rationality comes when you want your heart and mind to walk toward one end. a simple life. a tranquil one. do you ever think (or feel) how would things go when you meet someone who is able to give you such serene with simple-ordinary her but you are not able to do the same to her. just because, somehow you are just too extraordinary for her. and sometimes, sometimes that person that makes you feel good, doesn't like to be considered only able in giving you simple things. human will always want to be better. so,i guess it's either you dont tell her that it's in her small things, or you tell her when you meet a woman who wants the same thing in you.... (avec le chaque au revoir, j'apprends mon ami)