Tuesday, June 29, 2004

something fishy

posted by iqbalbaskara

what I'm about to write has got nothing to do with the photo i put up here. :D
okay, let's get started shall we?
malem ini gua makan malem sama esti di restoran manado.. sebetulnya terlalu kecil juga disebut restoran, tapi terlallu besar untuk disebut warung.. dan kurang cocok atmospherenya untuk disebut cafe.. anyways... this is the second time we went there this week.. heheheh... great food, affordable price... and there's such so many way the can prepare a fish dish, that i --a self proclaimed red meat eater-- actually wanna go there day after day after day to try each and every one of them. great food! (oh, i have mentioned it already .. heheh)

tadi ..gua pesen ikan cakalang rabe-rabe... sebelumnya tuna bakar special (with 5 different kinds of manado spicy sauce, mind you) yumm!! tasty!! spicy!! and all the good stuff you could say about a food. the thing is, kalo makan disana rasa kenyangnya begitu fulfilling, dan tidak eneg. pair the food with a glass of ice lemon tea, and you'll feel a glimpse of heaven :D i think i'll go there again next weekend...or perhaps tomorrow? hmm....

oh, and if anybody read this page, remind me to take a picture of this place okay? :D i wanna put it up here.

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