Friday, July 08, 2005

chocolate (esti's birthday)

kemaren (tanggal 6) itu ultahnya esti, jadi gua, esti, angga, tanz, firdy, dan icha makan di cafe du chocolat. we ordered chocolate fountain. and i have to say that it's one crazy meal. imagine a fountain, the kind that scatter all over europe's old intersections, this fountain is about 1/50 smaller, and covered with flowing 1 kg of chocolate. crazy shit eh?

for the dips we had marsmallows, strawberries, and biscuit sticks.

we started dipping, eating, until sometime in the middle, almost everyone of us had chocolate madness. we started hearing things we thought others said, but nobody really did, and we started having strange interpretations of things. now i understand why the mayans ( or was it the incans? i cant really remember) said that chocolate is the food of the gods... if so, the gods are having a heck of a crazy time eating that stuff.

chocolate is hallucinogenic

a freshly dipped marshmallow

oooh.... look at those strawberries :D

*more photos comin up*


Albert said...

chocolate is hallucinogenic? really?
that's why women say that chocolate is better than having sex *grin*

Rani said...

eh dimana ada warung coklat? mau dong ajak ke sono

David Hotary P said...

bal.... kasi ttau gw alamatnya kape ini....secepatnya!!!!!! hmmm...

sweet said...

mo liat potonya lageee