Sunday, July 18, 2004


first of all, thanks bert, i am honestly flattered. really.
reading albert's blog inspires me to write the following:

friend? what does it mean to be one? ask the question to any 10 different people and you'll get 10 different answers. tapi buat gua pribadi, teman adalah tentang reliability, tentang apakah orang tersebut bisa diandalkan pada saat dibutuhkan, to help or even just to listen.
gua ini orang yang sulit. orang yang susah dapet temen (bahkan kesulitan untuk breaking the ice). bukan karena gua memilih untuk jadi orang seperti itu, tapi karena gua memang sulit mempercayai orang lain (mungkin naturenya anak pertama seperti itu.. i dunno..:D), but when i trust someone i could trust them almost all the way.

i dont take trust lightly. i am easily disappointed, maybe too much. and that means that if i consider someone betraying the trust i have for them, i may never could see that someone as a friend again.

on the other side, i understand that people are people. and people make mistakes. so do the ones you consider to be your friends. i generally am very forgiving about other people's mistakes, if someone i consider as a friend made a mistake, and tell me that they regret what they've done, i usually forgive them. and i dont mind being a little disappointed. but as to all the things in life, i have limits...

i know i made several mistakes myself, mistakes that i probably could never mend. and i kept those mistakes dearly, for it could be the only mean i could redeem myself in the future.

-- dedicated to all my friends, may god bless you all. and to all the people i've disappoint, i am truly sorry. --

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Anonymous said...

i feel ya...
being disappointed hurts! incase anyone doesn't know that
about the meaning of a friend...
there's so many ways to describe it
and i dont wanna spill my thought here
(keeping in mind this is iqbal's blog not mine)

- a friend, shanalie, lourien, oin, SHA -